More reasons to join the Snead’s Farm CSA

Every year, it’s our goal to make sure our CSA members feel like they get the better end of the deal. Here is a summary of the benefits we’re rolling out for our 2014 members. To join, click here.

  • In addition to the weekly produce box, members this year will get 20% off on all items at the roadside stand on CSA pickup days only (Wednesdays) while supplies last that day.
  • We gave out, on average, more than 19 items in each weekly CSA box in 2013.
  • We distributed 47 different farm product items through our CSA in 2013.
  • We plan to offer the following pick-your-own opportunities exclusively to our CSA members:
    • pick-your-own raspberries (in addition to pre-picked raspberries in the CSA box) starting sometime in June (depending on weather and crop) and continuing into August.
    • pick-your-own blackberries (in addition to pre-picked blackberries in the CSA box) starting in July and continuing into August (depending on weather and crop).
    • pick-your-own table grapes starting in August (depending on weather and crop).
    • pick-your-own sunflowers in July.
    • pick-your-own strawberries at Braehead Farm starting sometime in May (depending on weather and crop).
  • Get a jump on berry season as soon as the CSA starts! We’re giving out one jar of seedless raspberry jam made with Snead’s Farm berries for each share on the first pickup day.